I’m Samiur Rahman,
an entrepreneurial engineer
and cultural connoisseur.

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I’m an engineer passionate about solving problems that ail the world. I spend my free time on science, technology, literature and movies. This is a record of my journey through all of that.

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Finding the One That Fits

- - posted in jobs, jobsuitors, startup

We built Jobsuitors with our friends in mind. We saw them agonizing over their resumes and sending out endless cover letters. They punched their information into dime-a-dozen internet resume sites that mass-emailed it to random companies - ignoring their specialized skills, their social networks, and their preferences. So much time is wasted without producing good results. We thought there had to be a better way.

Brink of Eternity

- - posted in Poetry

I’ve been reading a lot of poetry recently. It’s been a great way to relax after working at Synapse all day and then coming home and working on Jobsuitors all night. I’ve also wanted to improve my Bengali, so I started reading more Tagore. Here’s my translation of one of my favorites:

Alcohol Lab

- - posted in Nerdy, alcohol, math

The avenue to an exciting new field of study has finally been opened. For the first time in almost two millenia we’ve been able to objectively measure the effects of alcohol on a persons ability to perform tasks. We can only do this because of the metric provided to us by the great developers at zetamac.com, whose arithmetic game is what we use for this experiment.